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Specific areas of practice

Good practice guide for police station representatives

This guide outlines what good practice looks like for police station representatives

How to address the court

Using the correct terms of address in a court or tribunal will avoid a mistake which may damage your credibility particularly if you haven't practised in a particular court or tribunal before, or for a long time.

Police station representative accreditation scheme assessment

These guidelines regulate the assessments that lead to qualification under the police station representative accreditation scheme (PSRAS)

Police station representative accreditation scheme - updated standards

The detailed assessment standards that have to be met by a solicitor or representative who acts for a person detained in a police station.

Police station representative accreditation scheme

The Police Station Representative Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS) is a compulsory qualification for solicitors and non-solicitors who provide legal advice at the police station on a legally aided basis.

Checklist for solicitors providing immigration services

Useful checklists that make sure you get the basics right.

Immigration services - what your firm needs to do

If you are a solicitor, REL or RFL and want to work in the immigration advice and services field, you can only do this from regulated organisations.

Providing immigration services: guidance and further information

We have a range of guidance and support materials to help you deliver the best immigration services possible.

Maintaining your competence as an advocate

Advocacy is a difficult skill to master and a high risk area of practice. Poor advocacy can result in consumer detriment, miscarriages of justice and threaten the rule of law.

Practising advocacy in the higher courts

If practising in the higher courts is one of your goals then you should regularly reflect on the quality of your advocacy and the knowledge and skills needed to practise there.