Digital badge

We are pleased to announce that the new SRA digital badge is now available for you to use on your website.

Provided via software which will make sure only regulated firms can display it, the badge will show online visitors that you are regulated and provide them with a link to information on the protections this provides. Displaying the badge will help you differentiate yourself from unregulated providers.

Use of the badge is initially voluntary but will become a mandatory requirement on 25 November 2019.

Adding the badge to your website

The digital badge is provided by our development partner Yoshki, who will administer the scheme to make sure only regulated law firms can display it.

The badge is available in three different colour variations, as well as in Welsh.

Get your digital badge

You can add the badge to your website by visiting Yoshki

On this site you will find an easy-to-follow user guide, frequently asked questions and information on how to get technical support.

Registering your website address

The badge will only work with websites linked to a regulated firm's mySRA. Before attempting to add the badge to your site, please log in to your mySRA and enter your website address or check it is properly recorded.

If you are an authorised signatory or organisation contact, you can do this by:

  • logging in to mySRA
  • clicking on My Organisations
  • clicking on your Organisation's name, then Office Details
  • selecting Edit on the relevant office
  • update your website and click save

Please allow at least 24 hours after updating any website details before attempting to use the badge.

If you have more than one website or subdomain

Please provide us with the details of all your websites/domains.

Register your websites/domains

Please provide us with the details of all the sites/domains using this form.

We may take up to 10 working days to verify the information you provide in this form.

If you have already submitted a form for additional websites to display the digital badge and are submitting a request for a further website(s), please make sure that your additional request includes all the websites you have previously requested and the website you now want the badge for.


If you experience any difficulties in using the badge, please refer to the dedicated support available on the Yoshki website.