SRA Transparency Rules


These rules set out the information authorised firms, and individuals providing services to the public from outside authorised firms, should make available to clients and potential clients.

The rules aim to ensure people have accurate and relevant information about a solicitor or firm when they are considering purchasing legal services and will help members of the public and small businesses make informed choices, improving competition in the legal market.

This introduction does not form part of the SRA Transparency Rules.

SRA Transparency Rules

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Supplemental notes

Made by the SRA Board on 30 May 2018.

Made under section 31 of the Solicitors Act 1974, section 9 of the Administration of Justice Act 1985 and section 83 of, and Schedule 11 to, the Legal Services Act 2007.

You are reading current version in effect from 25 November 2019



Publishing complaints procedure - Guidance

Guidance: the requirements under the Transparency Rules to publish information concerning your complaints procedure.

Transparency in price and service - Guidance

Guidance: To help you understand your obligations under our Transparency Rules.

Bogus law firms and identity theft - Warning notice

Warning notice: This warning notice explains the serious risks posed to the public and the profession by criminals who set up bogus law firms or branch offices of genuine law firms.