SRA response

Legal Ombudsman consultation on Proposed ADR Scheme Rules

Consultation paper: Legal Ombudsman consultation on Proposed ADR Scheme Rules

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is the independent regulator of solicitors and law firms in England and Wales. We regulate individual solicitors, certain other lawyers and non lawyers with whom they practise, solicitors' firms and their staff.

We are writing in response to the Legal Ombudsman consultation on proposed modifications to the Ombudsman's Scheme Rules needed to comply with the requirements of the ADR Regulations.

The changes the Legal Ombudsman propose do not affect the SRA or the SRA's regulatory arrangements. SRA-authorised entities will need to continue to provide information about the Legal Ombudsman as the statutory complaints scheme for solicitors.

Although the Legal Ombudsman has withdrawn its application to the Legal Services Board (LSB), SRA-authorised firms must still comply with the ADR regulations and provide information about an approved ADR entity certified under the EU Consumer ADR Directive.

We agree that the changes the Legal Ombudsman propose will help ensure that the Legal Ombudsman can operate fairly, efficiently, effectively and with minimum bureaucracy and, in due course, continue with its application to the LSB to be an approved ADR entity.