Workforce progress report 2018

2 October 2019


Welcome to our 2018 SRA staff diversity report. This provides information on our workforce and the initiatives we have taken as part of our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce and workplace, reflecting the core values our staff have developed.

Real inclusion is important for the legal sector as a whole, the users and the providers of legal services, as well as wider society. And for us, we know, and as our own ‘The Business Case for Diversity' report said, a more diverse business is a successful business.

Last year saw us continue our work to support our workforce, for example through our growing number of staff networks and by listening to feedback from our staff. We keep our recruitment approach under review and have again done more this year to reach out to a wider range of people.

Good regulation means maintaining the confidence of the public and the profession. Our workforce and what we do every day is key to that. To me that means a truly inclusive approach for all our people and I welcome the progress we are making. I am looking forward to doing even more to develop an increasingly diverse culture and organisation.

Paul Philip

Chief Executive

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