Decision making framework

It is important that the public, solicitors we regulate and all other stakeholders can understand how our Board makes decisions. To help with this, we have set out below a framework which shows the things that will be considered, discussed and taken into account when our Board makes a decision.

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  • What is the issue and impact on end users of legal services or the ability of the profession to deliver to end users?
  • What else might we need to know or understand?
  • Does if fall within our remit/regulatory objectives/better regulation aims?
  • Does this align with our Corporate Strategy and Business Plan?

If we fully understand the matter and there is not a significant regulatory issue our involvement ends here.

If we fully understand the matter and there appears to be a significant regulatory issue, we move to the question of Who.

  • Can we do anything about this issue?
  • Is there another organisation that is better placed to deal with this?
  • Can we work with others to address this?
  • If the core issue is not for us are there wider issues that are?

If there is no action we can practically and usefully undertake, we take no further action other than raise with other organisations if appropriate.

If it is a matter we could consider taking action on, we move onto How.

  • How could we address this issue?
  • Have we got the resources we would need?
  • Are there factors that might hinder or help us?
  • Is it a strategic priority?

If we do not have the resources to address the issue effectively and it is not a strategic priority, we continue to monitor the issue and revisit later if appropriate.

If we have the resources, fully understand the issues and impact and consider it a strategic priority, we move forward in planning our next steps and actions.