News from the Board

Reflections - Dr Peter Higson

What was your aim in joining the Board?

At the time I applied to become a member of the Board I had recently finished a five-year appointment as the Chair of a Health Board in Wales. I was seeking a new non-executive role that reflected my career experiences and interests in the areas of inspection and regulation, public protection and equality and diversity. I was also seeking an appointment that would expand on these experiences but in a different area, and in one where I felt I could make a positive contribution.

What achievement or outcome from your work on the Board have you found particularly interesting/important?

The things I have found most important and rewarding are the development of the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination, the development of our new Standards and Regulations, the establishment of the SRA as a separate entity, and the active recognition by the SRA of the differences between England in Wales in terms of administration and the role of the Welsh language in the delivery of legal services.

What are your reflections on the time you have spent on the Board?

I have found work of the Board of the SRA to be thorough and rigorous in the development and implementation of new strategies and processes and in its overall scrutiny of the work of the Executive. There is a culture of healthy challenge and debate: the Board is cohesive without being cosy! I have particularly valued the Board workshop sessions that have been held, in addition to formal board meetings. I have found these extremely helpful to me, as a non-lawyer, in developing my knowledge of the issues facing the legal sector and the role of the SRA as the regulator.

Why would you encourage others to apply?

Being a member of the SRA Board offers the opportunity to be an important part of shaping the future of the legal sector, strengthening public protection, promoting the interests of the users of legal services, especially those who are most vulnerable in our society, and influencing the diversity of the legal profession.

Please see the separate article about our recruitment for new Board Members.