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Reflections - Selina Ullah

What was your aim in joining the Board?

Through my voluntary and community work I was aware of the impact legal services have on the lives of people and especially vulnerable groups and the importance of access to services and justice. I was interested in making a difference in such a key sector and expanding my understanding – it was clear to me that being on the Board would enable me to share my experience and shape wider policy. 

What achievement or outcome from your work on the Board have you found particularly interesting/important?

I have found the work on the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) particularly interesting because it heralds a more accessible  pathway into the legal professions. I was on the SQE advisory group and found it both intellectually stimulating and thought provoking to weigh up the advice, technical reports, presentations and feedback from stakeholders and form careful judgements based on all of the evidence gathered.

What are your reflections on the time you have spent on the Board?

It’s a very exciting time for legal services and a great time to shape the future of the legal profession, develop new models of providing services and the huge potential that technology offers in widening access to legal services and subsequently the direction of travel. 

Why would you encourage others to apply?

It is a great platform to influence and shape how the profession is regulated. It is also very important that the diversity of views and experience informs board deliberations and decision which will ultimately have long term impact on the users of legal services and the profession itself. 

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