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Reflections - Tony Williams

Tony Williams

Getting out of the way is in my view a priority for a modern regulator and doing that effectively means harnessing the views of a range of people. We need real diversity around the Board room table – diversity in background, community and in practice. So I want to see solicitors from every part of the profession joining us, especially from small and innovative firms.

One of the things I am proud of as an SRA Board member is the good working relationship we have with the profession and the Law Society. We have a shared commitment to high standards and to a thriving sector that provides the services people and businesses need. I’m looking forward to seeing how the sector continues to grow and develop – lawtech for example - and our Board is a very good vantage point! But being part of the Board is also a good way of enabling that growth and making sure the England and Wales legal sector stays relevant and competitive.

We have put in place a regulatory regime that frees up the profession to respond to the fast changing challenges and opportunities in our sector. Small law firms are key – all the more so at the moment - and I would really encourage solicitors from the high street to consider joining us. It’s a great opportunity to make a difference.  

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