Our Public Legal Education work

July 2021

Public Legal Education (PLE) is about making sure people have the knowledge and skills to understand the law and manage any legal problems in their everyday lives.

We are committed to playing our part by helping to increase awareness of legal services and how to use them, including:

  • providing information to help people make informed choices about how and where to get legal help
  • helping people to understand what they can expect from their solicitor, so that they are empowered to make good decisions at every stage: decisions about a legal issue, making a complaint and routes to redress
  • providing accurate information to the public about our role within the legal services landscape and what to do when things go wrong

We do this in lots of ways, for example, through our information leaflets, social media campaigns and by providing information and resources on our website. We also run the Legal Choices website alongside other legal services regulators, providing independent, factual information about legal issues and legal advisers.

We are keen to work with other organisations across England and Wales that also have an interest in PLE. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

Our approach to PLE

Our approach to PLE is based on five key principles:

  • Accessible – we use clear and concise language and make our PLE available in different languages and formats, including digital and non-digital.
  • Collaborative – we work in partnership with others to help us better understand the needs of the public and reach wider audiences.
  • High quality – our PLE provides people with high quality information that is independent, accurate and relevant to them.
  • Tailored – we tailor our PLE to the needs of different audiences.
  • Targeted – we focus on topics where we can most likely benefit the public