Technology and Innovation in Legal Services, research project

One of our key aims over the next three years is supporting the adoption of legal technology and other innovation that helps to meet the needs of the public, business community, regulated entities and the economy

We are conducting a research project with the University of Oxford to look at development of innovation and technology in the legal services market.

Get involved

A major part of the research project was a survey of all firms we regulate, along with in-depth interviews to gain greater understanding.

However, there are many others who have worthwhile experiences that we would like to hear from.

You can share your experiences or express interest directly with University of Oxford, using their dedicated project mailbox - And you can let us know if you want to receive the final report and get involved in further research.

The research aims

Our aim is to increase our understanding of innovation and technology in legal services, and identify areas where we can help development by reducing any barriers and supporting further growth.

As the regulator, we want to do all that we can to help firms discover new ways of working and explore the options that lawtech provides. We already provide an innovation space for firms to test their ideas without breaching our Standards and Regulations and make it easier to apply for waivers for rules that inhibits innovation, as long as consumers remain protected.

We also want to connect firms with others who can help them innovate or show them new technology. Creating this network is a legacy from the Legal Access Challenge.