Press release archive for 2020







SQE fees confirmed and transitional arrangements updated, 30 July 2020

We have confirmed that the candidate fee for the new Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will be £3,980. We will also give greater flexibility for universities and students around transition to the new assessment, in the light of Covid-19.

Law firms maintain improvement in complaints handling , 29 July 2020

Law firms have maintained their improvement in resolving complaints made to them, a report we have published has shown.

Proposed fee levels to remain the same and Compensation Fund contributions drop, 28 July 2020

Individual practising fee levels for 2020/21 should again remain at the same level, our Board has decided.

Ensuring high standards in solicitor advocacy , 28 July 2020

We have announced a number of new measures which will come into effect next year, designed to maintain and ensure high standards of advocacy among solicitors.

Compensation Fund changes aim to strike the right balance, 28 July 2020

We have announced changes to how the SRA Compensation Fund will operate in the future, so that the fund can continue to protect the public while remaining affordable for the profession and their clients.

Law firms offered free mentoring on EDI approaches, 16 July 2020

News release: Law firms have the chance of free mentoring and support to help them develop their approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), in a new scheme launched this week.

Independent report highlights 'powerful potential' of SQE for diversity, 14 July 2020

News release: An independent report on the new Solicitors Qualification Examination (SQE) has concluded that the assessment design is fair and overall the SQE could help address diversity issues in the legal profession.