Closure of Metamorph Group law firms

In December and January, we have closed down a number of law firms that were part of the Metamorph Group to protect the interests of current and former clients.

Those firms we have closed down are:

  • Browns Solicitors (Buckinghamshire) Ltd
  • MLL Ltd
  • BPL Solicitors Ltd
  • Beaumont ABS Ltd
  • Atray Ltd
  • Knowles Benning LLP
  • Knight Polson Ltd.

These firms had a number of trading names, which were:

  • Metamorph Law Ltd
  • Terry Jones Solicitors
  • Terry Jones Conveyancing
  • Linder Myers Solicitors
  • Linder Myers Conveyancing
  • Donnelley & Elliott Solicitors
  • SLC Solicitors
  • Verisona Law
  • Beaumont Solicitors
  • Beaumont Legal
  • RJW Legal
  • BPL Solicitors
  • Verisona Conveyancing
  • Donnelley & Elliott Conveyancing.

There are still two law firms that are part of the Metamorph Group which are still open, they are: Parrott & Coales LLP and Beeton Edwards LLP.

Live matters and wills

When we close down a firm, known as an intervention, we take control of all its client files and all money held by the firm. If you were a client of any of the firms listed above as closed and had an ongoing matter, they can no longer act for you and you will need to find another lawyer.

We have appointed the solicitor firm Gordons LLP to help with the closure. They have published useful information on their website on:

  • What happens now with your matter
  • Who you should contact about wills held by firms within the Metamorph group
  • How to obtain and transfer your live matters or wills to a new solicitor

You can contact Gordons LLP directly by calling 0113 227 0385 or emailing

Client money and stored documents

In terms of client money, we will look to return any funds the firm held as soon as possible. If you think you had money held at the firm, you can claim it back from us.

If you believe the group was holding any legal documents (for example deeds or power of attorneys) or historical files on your behalf, you can claim them back from us.

Most house deeds are now stored electronically at the Land Registry. You can find out more about this and claim them back directly.

Timescales on returning documents

The intervention required visiting 15 different offices across the North West, Midlands and South. We have collected nearly 1,600 boxes of live matters and an estimated further 61,000 boxes of wills, deeds and closed matters. Further files are still being collected. Identifying and providing information to clients who own these files might therefore take some time. We will be prioritising any ongoing matters but will endeavour to return documents as quickly as possible.

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