Solicitor examiners recruitment

With the design of the new assessment finalised, Kaplan is expanding its team ahead of delivery of the first assessment in November 2021 and applications for positions are now open. The roles available include question writers, markers and assessors.

They are particularly keen to recruit a diverse range of examiners, including solicitors with disabilities, those from differing ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and a range of legal practice types.

Solicitor examiners roles 

Kaplan is expanding its pool of solicitor examiners and the roles they are recruiting for include:

  • SQE1 question writers who will create single best answer multiple choice questions. These will test a candidate's ability to apply fundamental legal principles and rules to realistic client-based and ethical problems and situations, across the areas of law contained in the SQE1 assessment specification.
  • SQE2 question writers who will prepare scenario-based questions for the range of written and oral assessment stations in SQE2: client interview and attendance note/legal analysis, advocacy, legal research, legal writing, legal drafting and case and matter analysis.
  • SQE2 markers who will mark the written answers to the SQE2 assessments, using a detailed marking guide and professional judgement. We will also ask you to attend markers' meetings.
  • SQE2 assessors who will take a leading role on the SQE2 oral assessment days by assessing candidates' in their advocacy assessments. To be an assessor you’ll need to be available on the days of the assessment and take part in calibration shortly before the assessment.

You must be a solicitor to do any of the roles above, but you do not need to have a practising certificate. Kaplan will provide all necessary training and guidance. This work will be offered on a casual, ad hoc basis meaning you can choose the dates and areas of work that suit you.

For more information please visit Kaplan's SQE recruitment page and complete the expression of interest form.

You will be asked for some basic information about your practice expertise and which of the roles you may be interested in. These will be reviewed, and Kaplan will contact suitable candidates to provide details on an information and recruitment day. This will be a chance for you to find out more about the roles and complete some practical exercises.

Permanent roles

Kaplan is also recruiting for individuals to join its SQE team on a permanent basis. They have roles available for qualified solicitors, a psychometrician as well as customer service and assessment operations positions. Please visit Kaplan's SQE recruitment page for more information.