Interested in unbundled services? Get involved in our pilot

We will soon be launching a pilot to study the potential benefits to you and your clients of unbundled services. We’re looking - in collaboration with the Law Society and the Legal Services Consumer Panel (LSCP) and supported by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) - for firms who offer, or are willing to offer, unbundled services in family law.

Unbundling is the term used to describe when one or more of tasks that make up a legal service are taken on by the client rather than the law firm completing the whole process. For example, the client might complete some forms themselves or attend a court hearing without representation.

There is interest in whether increasing the availability of unbundled services in the legal services market might help some people get professional legal help when they would not otherwise have been able to afford to do so, increasing access to justice.

This pilot will explore the potential for consumers in family law to be offered an unbundled service based on their individual needs and budget. During the pilot, we will be exploring the potential benefits and drawbacks to both consumers and law firms of working in this way, as well as seeking to understand any practical, regulatory or legal issues that might arise and how these might be addressed.

We know there is substantial unmet legal need among individual consumers and small businesses, driven to a large extent by concerns about affordability. Many firms are already experimented with offering services in this way, with differing results. Some have found difficulties, while others have had success and have continued to make such a service available.

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch via SRA Innovate.