SQE trademark


The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) will make sure there is a consistent and rigorous centralised assessment of a solicitor's competence to practise in England and Wales.

We own registered and unregistered trademarks in the terms "SQE" and "Solicitors Qualifying Examination" (SQE trademarks).

Training providers who deliver SQE education, tutoring or training services will naturally wish to use the SQE trademarks to advertise and market these services. This also applies to organisations who produce SQE-related study materials and resources.

We will therefore allow, without charge, all such training providers and organisations to use the SQE trademarks based on our Terms of Use. Please read these before using the trademarks as they provide clarity about permitted and prohibited uses.

Please note that we do not regulate, endorse, accredit or recommend training providers or their activities, products or services or websites. We also do not review or approve any training courses or materials, or any elements of the training courses which they provide.

We want to encourage a fair, open and competitive market for SQE training and resources, and our Terms of Use are designed to support this. They set out what we consider to be acceptable behaviour in relation to the trademarks and the importance we attach to public confidence in the SQE.

They also serve to protect consumers from relying on misleading or false claims. We can take enforcement action against training providers who use the SQE trademarks in ways which confuse people, for example by:

  • suggesting they are endorsed or accredited by us, when they are not; or
  • trying to register their own trademark which incorporates the SQE trademarks, and/or then preventing any others from using those terms.

Any organisation or individual who is not a training provider does not have the right to rely on the Terms of Use. They must seek written permission from us before using the trademarks.

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