Training provider list

We publish a list of providers and organisations who:

  • deliver SQE education, tutoring or training services (or plan to in the future)
  • produce SQE-related study materials and resources (or plan to in the future).

We do not regulate, accredit or endorse training providers or organisations. We also have no role in approving, endorsing or overseeing the training courses or materials, or their quality. The list is intended to help potential SQE candidates to find training.

This is not a comprehensive or definitive list of all training providers or organisations, but of all organisations who have asked us to be on the list.

Candidates should make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves as to the quality and suitability of training, and the products and services that organisations on the list offer.

Ahead of the SQE’s introduction in 2021, please find below a list of training providers who have registered to use our trademark so far. Details of further providers will be added in due course: