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The professional indemnity insurance market for law firms

We and the Legal Services Board (LSB) commissioned Frontier Economics to carry out research on the PII market using data already held by us both and by surveying nearly 300 firms.

Consumer segmentation research

Not all legal journeys are the same so adopting a one-size fits all approach to improving access to justice is unlikely to work for everyone. Consumer segmentation is the process of organising consumers into groups or segments based on certain qualities that they share. This provides a better understanding of consumers' needs allowing initiatives and services to be tailored to specific segments.

Review of the training records of solicitors practising in magistrates and higher courts

Solicitors undertaking criminal advocacy have particular responsibilities to their clients and to the courts. Poor standards can result in consumer harm, miscarriages of justice and threaten the rule of law

Thematic Review: The use of Non Disclosure Agreements in workplace complaints

Our warning notice recognises the legitimate place NDAs have in agreements to protect commercial interests, reputation, and confidentiality.

Annual assessment of continuing competence 2023

This report outlines findings from our review into how solicitors keep their skills and knowledge up to date and how firms make sure they are competent to provide the legal services they offer.

Risk Outlook: managing regulatory risk during economic uncertainty

Law firms of all sizes are currently managing regulatory risk in a period of economic uncertainty and this report helps identify and manage those areas of risk.

Our corporate reports for 2021/22

This combined set of reports covers our work in authorisation, client protection and education and training for our financial year November 2021 to October 2022,

Client protection, interventions and compensation fund - corporate report 2021/22

We intervene and close down about 40 solicitor firms a year to protect client interests. This report details trends from 2021 to 2022.

Education and training - corporate report 2021/22

Solicitors enter the profession through a range of routes but the majority of solicitors now take SQE assessments. This report charts training and education trends during 2021 and 2022.

Upholding professional standards - diversity monitoring - corporate report 2021/22

Our detailed annual report covering ethnicity, sex, age and disability monitoring as it relates to our enforcement processes.