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Regulators Pioneer Fund 2: interim report Challenges to address inequalities in access to justice

The Regulators' Pioneer Fund is a Government lead initiative which sponsors projects led by regulators or local authorities which aim to help create a UK regulatory environment that encourages business innovation and investment.

Technology and Innovation in Legal Services

This report summarises the key findings of research we commissioned from the University of Oxford on technology and innovation in the legal sector. It also sets out our response to the findings.

The Legal Access Challenge – conclusion and next steps

This report provides a headline summary of the Legal Access Challenge - what we did, how it went, what we learnt and next steps.

Encouraging innovation: transparency about our waiver decisions

While we set out the standards we expect of solicitors and firms, we have always allowed some of our rules to be waived in certain circumstances where this is judged to be in the public interest. Where we grant a waiver the individual or firm does not need to comply with the specific rule or rules to which the waiver applies.

Innovation in legal services

The legal services sector plays a critical role in facilitating commercial and domestic activity and in administering justice.