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Pinned by the SRA

Regulated population statistics

To provide our stakeholders with timely information about those we regulate, we publish key statistics about the population of solicitors and firms that we regulate. The statistics are updated monthly.

Conduct in disputes thematic review

We carried out this thematic review to better understand the practices and litigation techniques used by firms who act in privacy and defamation matters and provide reputation management services. We also wanted to assess how well the risks of abusive litigation were understood, identified, and prevented by firms and solicitors.

Year Three Evaluation of the SRA Transparency Rules

The various elements of the SRA Transparency Rules were introduced in 2018/19 to support the public and small businesses so they had easier access to the information that would help them to make informed decisions when purchasing legal services

The professional indemnity insurance market for law firms

We and the Legal Services Board (LSB) commissioned Frontier Economics to carry out research on the PII market using data already held by us both and by surveying nearly 300 firms.

Consumer segmentation research

Not all legal journeys are the same so adopting a one-size fits all approach to improving access to justice is unlikely to work for everyone. Consumer segmentation is the process of organising consumers into groups or segments based on certain qualities that they share. This provides a better understanding of consumers' needs allowing initiatives and services to be tailored to specific segments.

Review of the training records of solicitors practising in magistrates and higher courts

Solicitors undertaking criminal advocacy have particular responsibilities to their clients and to the courts. Poor standards can result in consumer harm, miscarriages of justice and threaten the rule of law

Thematic Review: The use of Non Disclosure Agreements in workplace complaints

Our warning notice recognises the legitimate place NDAs have in agreements to protect commercial interests, reputation, and confidentiality.

Lasting powers of attorney and deputyships: thematic review

The challenges facing the lasting powers of attorney (LPA) and deputyships sector which is growing in popularity and demand.

Quality indicators in legal services pilot project report

Our research into consumers researching legal providers online identifies a clear distinction between levels of engagement with review websites versus price comparison tools.

Understanding the unreserved market

We commissioned research into the unreserved legal market - commonly used services include wills, housing, family and employment law.

Risk Outlook report: cryptocurrencies

Report focusing on distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) such as blockchain-based cryptocurrencies and their implications for legal services providers.