What to expect before and after admission

Before admission

When we are satisfied that you have met Regulation 3A.1 of the SRA Authorisation of Individuals Regulations you will receive a notification from us that you are ready to choose your admission date in mySRA.

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It is an applicant screening check which is completed before admission as a solicitor.

Anyone applying for admission as a solicitor who has lived in the UK for 12 months or more during the last five years.

If you have not lived in the UK for 12 months or more during the last five year period you still need to complete pre-admission screening but instead we will check your name and current address and you will be required to upload ID documents instead of DBS screening. 

You will also need to upload an original criminal record check from any country you have lived in for 12 months or more during the last five years. The check(s) must be no more than three months old and include an official translation if not in English.

If you are a trainee, you will get an email eight weeks before your training ends telling you that you need to apply for pre-admission screening.

If you are following another route to admission.

You will need to have a mySRA account to apply for screening. Find out how to get a mySRA account.

Please allow four weeks for the application to be processed.

We need to see your original DBS certificate if any issues have been identified from the screening process.

Admission day

On the day you are admitted, we will issue your Admission Certificate in mySRA.

When a person is admitted to the roll of solicitors, they will be included on the Solicitors Register within 24 hours.

Once you are admitted, you may need a practising certificate if you want to carry out reserved legal activities. See our guidance to find out if you need one.

We will send you an email confirming your date of admission once your application has been processed.

After admission

You will need to generate your admission certificate in mySRA, which will be available to download immediately from My Individual Applications and Documents in mySRA. If you want to apply for a Practising Certificate you will need to apply for one after you have been admitted.

Yes, your details will be added to the register shortly after admission. It will normally take a day or two.

Admission ceremony

The Law Society (not the SRA) will invite you to book a place at an admission ceremony.

This will take place after your admission date at the Law Society Hall in Chancery Lane, London. Attendance is optional.

For further details visit the Law Society’s website.