Applications for periods of recognised training

19 March 2020

During the coronavirus outbreak, we encourage you to send any Training Notification form (PRT3) to us through email rather than in the post. This is to make sure the form is processed in good time ahead of your trainee's start date.

Please email your form to

To pay, please complete the relevant sections of the methods of payment form, and send it with your completed application once you have instructed your bank to send payment direct.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing

Application forms

Training Provider Application (PRT1)

This application is for organisations that want to employ trainee solicitors.

Training Notification (PRT3)

This form is to tell us that an authorised training provider is going to start training a solicitor.

You must send the completed form before it starts. We recommend at least 30 days before.

Registering a trainee

Download the Training Notification (PRT3) form. If you have more than one trainee starting, you can use the Additional Trainee form (PRT3) for each additional trainee.

Methods of payment form

View ways to pay.

Processing applications that require review by an Authorisation Officer

We process applications that require review by an Authorisation Officer in the date order in which we receive them.

When we receive your application, we send you an acknowledgement letter that includes an estimate of how long it will take us to process it.

At present, it takes 6 to 8 weeks for us to allocate applications that require review.

Please note that any matter can be sent before an adjudicator for a decision, as set out in the SRA's decision-making guidance.