Period of recognised training (2014 regulations)

Updated 11 February 2020

This page relates to periods of recognised training that started between 1 July 2014 – 24 November 2019.

For training that started on or after 25 November 2019, please see our 2019 regulations page.

We have a statutory duty to make sure those who are admitted as solicitors have the knowledge and skills necessary for practice. We do this by specifying the education and training that an individual must complete.

SRA Training Regulations 2014

If your training started between 1 July 2014 and 24 November 2019, the requirements you need to meet are set out in the Training Regulations 2014 - Qualification and Provider Regulations.

There are two main differences between these regulation and the new ones introduced in November 2019. A trainee must:

  • have had training and experience in three distinct areas of law
  • be paid at least the single hourly rate of the national minimum wage specified in regulation 11 of the National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999.

There is no automatic transition of your training to the new regulations. If you have started your training under the Training Regulations 2014, you need to continue to meet these requirements.

This page will summarise what is required and what you can expect during your period of recognised training.

Character and Suitability

On 25 November 2019, our Assessment of Character and Suitability Rules replaced the Suitability Test.

You now only need to disclose character and suitability issues to us when you apply for admission to the roll of solicitors. However, you can ask us to consider your character and suitability at any time before then. To do so, please complete our Character and Suitability Assessment form (PDF 13 pages, 298KB).

You can check what information is needed by choosing from four options: criminal offences, assessment offences, financial evidence and regulatory history.

You should not submit your application until you are able to give us all the required information.

Please read these rules for further guidance on your application.

Training trainee solicitors

Our requirements

The Authorised Training Provider information pack contains must-have information for training establishments and trainee solicitors, and should be your first port of call when checking training requirements.

Professional Skills Course

The Professional Skills Course (PSC) is offered exclusively by course providers approved by us. We decide the content of the course. Consult the accredited course providers.

All approved course providers have demonstrated to us that they can provide courses in compliance with appropriate standards. The course structure, contents and criteria for authorisation as an approved provider are detailed in the Professional Skills Course information.