Period of recognised training (2014 regulations)

Reviewed 15 November 2019

This page relates to periods of recognised training that started between 1 July 2014 – 24 November 2019.

For training that started on or after 25 November 2019, please see our 2019 regulations page.

SRA Training Regulations 2014

The SRA has a statutory duty to ensure those who are admitted as solicitors have the knowledge and skills necessary for practice. We do this by specifying the education and training that an individual must complete. These requirements are set out in the Training Regulations 2014 - Qualification and Provider Regulations, which govern all aspects of qualifying as a solicitor. The 2014 Training Regulations have superseded the 2011 Training Regulations Part 1 and Part 2, becoming effective as from 1 July 2014.

If you are seeking a period of recognised training that will commence on or after 1 July 2014, or if you commenced a training contract prior to that date, but have agreed by mutual consent with your training establishment to adopt the 2014 Training Regulations, this page will summarise what is required and what you can expect during your period of recognised training.

What you need to know

We do not provide careers advice; however, when seeking a period of recognised training, you need to know that the number of employers able to offer this may be dictated by economic factors, and can be significantly lower than the number of LPC graduates.

Character and Suitability

To be eligible to commence a period of recognised training, you must meet the outcomes of our Suitability Test. The information on this page will assist any of the following individuals, who need to make a disclosure:

  • Trainees who are applying for eligibility to commence a period of recognised training;
  • Students who wish to have their suitability assessed before commencement of the LPC;
  • Any individual who needs to make subsequent disclosures as part of their ongoing obligation to notify the SRA of any character and suitability issues.

When you disclose a character and suitability issue to us, the onus is on you to provide any evidence you consider necessary and appropriate to enable us to make a decision on your application. The nature of the issue that you are disclosing to us will dictate what supporting documentation you must submit.

You can check what information is required by choosing from four options: criminal offences, assessment offences, financial evidence and regulatory history.

You should not submit your application until you are able to submit all of the required information.

Please see the Suitability Test for further guidance on your application.

Consequences of failing to submit information with your application

If you do not submit the relevant information within the time limits provided by the SRA, your application is likely to be refused .

If your application is refused, you will have up to one month to appeal the decision.

Please note that, if your application is refused, you may make up to three further applications after intervals of not less than 12 months from the final determination of the previous application.

To find out what information you are required to submit with your application, please select the option below that relates to the issue you are disclosing.

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Training trainee solicitors

SRA requirements

The Authorised Training Provider information pack contains must-have information for training establishments and trainee solicitors, and should be your first port of call when checking training requirements.

Professional Skills Course

The Professional Skills Course (PSC) is offered exclusively by course providers approved by the SRA. The SRA decides the content of the course. Consult the accredited Professional Skills Course providers.

All approved course providers have demonstrated to the SRA that they can provide courses in compliance with appropriate standards. The course structure, contents and criteria for authorisation as an approved provider are detailed in the Professional Skills Course Information Pack.