Register my training

What you need

To register your training you must log into mySRA.

You will need the SRA number of your training providers head office.

You should make your application 30 days before you are due to start.

Training needs to be registered before you start as the training start date cannot be backdated. If you have already started your period of recognised training and not registered it, you will need to contact us.

How to pay

The fee is £100, you can pay by credit or debit card.

We will contact your training provider to pay the fee and confirm you will be training with them.

Previous work-based experience

If you have any previous work-based experience you can let us know as part of this application.

Our decision

When we see payment from your training provider, we'll make a decision straight away. This might take up to 30 days if we require more information.

Apply to register a period of recognised training

Log in to mySRA to apply, go to start a new application