Training contract

Last updated 1 July 2014

This page, and those directly associated with it, are relevant to those trainees who commenced their training contracts before 1 July 2014

SRA Training Regulations 2014

The SRA has a statutory duty to ensure that those who are admitted as solicitors have the knowledge and skills necessary for practice. We do this by specifying the education and training that an individual must complete. These requirements are set out in the Training Regulations 2014 - Qualification and Provider Regulations, which govern all aspects of qualifying as a solicitor.

The 2014 Training Regulations which are effective on the 1 July 2014 have replaced the 2011 Training Regulations, Part 1 and Part 2. However, if you have entered into a training contract on or before 30 June 2014, your training will continue to governed by the Training Regulations 2011, unless you and the training provider both agree to adopt the 2014 Training Regulations. If you do, you should notify us on the prescribed form. There are a number of practical differences between the 2011 regulations and the 2014 regulations: these relate to the number of trainees that a firm can employ, eligibility requirements for training principals and the SRA’s role in dispute resolution between the trainee and the training provider. These changes are set out on our consultation document and response.

If you have decided to continue to be governed by the 2011 Training Regulations, this page will summarise what you can expect during the existing training contract period.

In particular, read these this document carefully.

Professional Skills Course

The Professional Skills Course (PSC) is offered exclusively by course providers approved by the SRA. The SRA decides the content of the course. Consult the accredited Professional Skills Course providers.

All approved course providers have demonstrated to the SRA that they can provide courses in compliance with appropriate standards. The course structure, contents and criteria for authorisation as an approved provider are detailed in the Professional Skills Course Information Pack.