Applying to be a solicitor with a period of recognised training

To apply for admission under the Legal Practice Course route, you must have satisfactorily completed:

  • the Legal Practice Course (LPC)
  • your period of recognised training (PRT)
  • the Professional Skills Course
  • the pre-admission screening.

Here are the steps you need to follow

Applying to be a solicitor with a period of recognised training

Immediately — create your mySRA account

Create or activate your mySRA account. Find out how to do this.

Immediately — register your PRT

You will need to register your PRT yourself. Find out how to do this.

At least six months before PRT ends — early screening assessment

If you want to check any potential problems you can complete an early character and suitability assessment so we can consider these. We recommend you do this at least six months before you want to apply for admission. Find out more

Eight weeks before PRT ends — apply for screening

You can apply for pre-admission screening eight weeks before the end of your training. This includes identity, financial and criminal records checks. We will send you an email when you can do this. Find out what screening involves.

Where you need only a UK check it usually takes up to five working days for your results to be added to mySRA once received. If you provide an overseas check it can take up to 30 days for us to review and verify this.

Four weeks before PRT ends — sign-off by your training principal

Four weeks before your training ends, your training principal will be contacted to sign-off your PRT. They will do this through their mySRA.

Up to four weeks before PRT ends —apply for admission to the roll

Once screening is completed and your training is signed off, you can apply for admission through mySRA. You can only do this four weeks before your PRT ends.

Should we approve your application, you will be able to choose when you wish to be admitted in the next 30 days. This needs to be at least one day after your training ends.

If we have not received confirmation that you've passed your LPC, you will need to upload a copy of your certificate with your application.

Find out more about applying for admission.

After choosing your admission date — apply for a practising certificate

You can apply for a practising certificate once you have chosen your admission date. Find out how to apply.

You will then need to renew your certificate each year before it expires on 31 October.

Membership of the Law Society

Once admitted you will become a member of the Law Society. If you do not wish to be a member please contact the Law Society directly.