Lawyers qualified in a recognised jurisdiction who have passed the QLTS MCT assessment

26 October 2021

If you have passed the QLTS MCT this is not equivalent to passing the SQE1 and you do not qualify for an agreed exemption for SQE2. This means you will need to sit the OSCE (or SQE2) to complete your QLTS qualification. 

Any agreed SQE2 exemption is based on a candidate being assessed through SQE1 and their practice rights being the same as a solicitor. There are differences between the QLTS day one outcomes and the Functioning Legal Knowledge requirements tested in SQE1, for example SQE1 includes the procedural subjects of Business Law and Practice Wills and the Administration of Estates, Property Practice, Dispute Resolution and Criminal Practice.

If you wish to apply for a SQE2 exemption, you will need to provide evidence of having been assessed in these subjects. For example, if you have qualifications, over and above your jurisdiction's full legal qualification or experience in these procedural subjects for English and Welsh law (or equivalent). Please contact us for more information about on how to apply.

Pre-agreed SQE exemptions apply to qualified lawyers wishing to qualify through SQE only.

If you have taken and passed the QLTS MCT and your jurisdiction has a pre-agreed SQE exemption, your options to qualify as an English and Welsh solicitor are:

  • Complete the QLTS qualification by taking and passing the QLTS OSCE, or SQE2.


  •  Complete the SQE qualification by applying for the pre-agreed exemption and taking and passing the remaining SQE assessment(s).