Registering your qualifying work experience 

Who can apply

Candidates who want to register completed and confirmed qualifying work experience (QWE).

You only need to register the full two years' QWE by the time you apply for admission as a solicitor. However, you can register any completed QWE if you need to. For example if you are due to leave a role shortly or because you want to use a past role as QWE.

You can find out what you can claim as QWE on our candidate pages.

Before completing, please make sure the solicitor or COLP confirming your QWE is aware that they will need to complete section 3 of the form.

When to apply

You can apply when you have a completed and confirmed period of QWE - you must enter an end date. This date cannot be in the future or left blank.

As QWE can be gained in up to four organisations, you’ll need to complete a separate application for each period of QWE you register.

What you need

  • A completed period of QWE that has already ended. If you have been in role for more than two years, we suggest you speak your confirming solicitor to agree the best date range to use
  • Confirmation from a solicitor or compliance officer for legal practice (COLP) we regulate.

How to complete your registration

Before completing, please make sure the solicitor or COLP confirming your QWE is aware that they will need to complete section 3 of the form.

Personal details

Section 1 - fill in your personal details. 

QWE placement details

Section 2 - details of where you have completed your period of QWE. You will need:

  • name and SRA number of the solicitor or COLP confirming your QWE
  • organisation name and SRA number (if applicable) where the QWE was completed
  • start and end date of the QWE – the end date cannot be left blank and it must be in the past
  • total number of months completed (full time or part time equivalent)
  • to confirm whether the solicitor or COLP works in the same organisation where the QWE was completed
  • whether you were an apprentice or not.

We will also ask what the type of organisation it was:

  • SRA-regulated law firm
  • In-house legal team
  • Non-SRA-regulated legal services provider 
  • Voluntary sector.

You will also need to confirm whether the QWE was completed in voluntary or paid roles.

If you are an apprentice, you can use any two-year period from your apprenticeship. You can submit your registration to us at any time.

When you have completed sections 1 and 2, you will need to email the form to your confirming solicitor or COLP so that they can complete section 3. 

Confirmation by a solicitor/COLP 

Section 3 will need to be completed by the solicitor or COLP who is confirming your QWE. They do not need to hold a practising certificate.

We have guidance for those who are confirming your experience if needed.

We cannot accept confirmation from any another qualified lawyer or barrister unless they are also a solicitor or COLP we regulate.

If your QWE was completed in another organisation, the solicitor or COLP will need to confirm that they have reviewed your work and received feedback from the person(s) who supervised you. 

The solicitor or COLP is confirming:

  • your work experience was for the number of months stated – making sure it is a completed period of QWE and has an end date
  • you have had the opportunity to develop some or all or the competencies need to become a solicitor
  • that there were no character and suitability issues during your QWE that could raise questions about you being admitted as a solicitor.


There is no fee for this notification

Making your application

You will need to make your application by applying online in mySRA using the qualifying work experience registration form.

First, you will need to create an account. If you already have a mySRA account, you will need to log in.

You may find it useful to have this guidance open in a separate device or browser window to help you complete the form.

Once logged in, select 'Start new applications' and 'Notify us of your qualifying work experience'. You will then need to download the form on the right-hand side of the 'Getting Started' page.

Once completed, to upload your form go to 'Start new applications'. Once again, select 'Notify us of your qualifying work experience' and click on 'Start Application' at the bottom of the page. You can then upload the form and click submit.

If you cannot see 'Notify us of your qualifying work experience' in this folder, please check in 'My individual applications and documents' instead.

We aim to let you know that we have registered your QWE within 30 days of receiving your notification.