Finding and using a solicitor

There are several times in your life when you might need to use a solicitor, for example when buying a house, starting a business or getting a divorce. It can be daunting trying to find the right one for you, and making sure everything goes smoothly. As we are a regulatory body, we cannot tell you which solicitor to use. However, we can give you a few tips to help you get the best from legal services.

So you can make informed decisions about which legal service providers to use, it is important that you have access to as much easy-to-understand information as possible. This includes information on quality, price and how you will be protected should things go wrong.

We are trialling a new service that lets you check if a solicitor is regulated by us.

Available information

To help you look out for the following, which all regulated firms are required to publish on their websites:

For certain common areas of law:

  • prices, including what is and isn’t included within these
  • a breakdown of services
  • details of the experience and qualifications of those who work in these areas

Firms without a website must be able to provide you with this information in other formats when you ask for it.

All regulated law firms must also publish information on their complaints procedures on their websites, including your rights to escalate issues to us or the Legal Ombudsman.

SRA clickable logo

When shopping around for legal support look out for the SRA clickable logo being displayed on a firms’ website. The logo tells you that the firm is regulated by us, which means they meet the high standards we set.

It also means that their clients are appropriately protected should things go wrong, for example through the correct insurance being in place or having the right to escalate matters to the us and the Legal Ombudsman.

Instructing a solicitor

It's important that you feel confident and well-informed, and that you are well-prepared before you start to instruct a solicitor or lawyer to make sure you get the best outcome, so we've prepared some information about

For a quick introduction to using legal services, read our leaflet Thinking of using legal services? What to expect (PDF, 4 pages, 511K). This information is also available in a shortened format (PDF, 2 pages, 498K) and several community languages.

You can find key facts about other types of lawyers and common legal problems such as going to court, family disputes, employment problems on the Legal Choices website.