Who we are and what we do

What we do

153,000 practising solicitors 10,100 law firms

We regulate all solicitors and most law firms in England and Wales.

We protect and help the public by making sure:

  • solicitors and law firms meet our high standards
  • we take action against solicitors who don't follow our rules - for instance, by taking someone's money or acting dishonestly
  • people can get their documents and money back, if, for example, a law firm shuts down suddenly.

When things go wrong

57 solicitors struck off at Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, 79 cases resulted in fines, £10.4m compensation fund payments

Taking action in cases of serious misconduct

We can prosecute solicitors and firms at the independent Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT). It can issue fines and suspend or even strike off solicitors.


We can close down firms where there is a serious risk to their clients and the public.

SRA fines

We can fine solicitors and firms and set limits on what work they can do.

Compensation fund

We manage a discretionary fund that can help return money to people who have lost it due to a dishonest solicitor. Learn more about our discretionary fund.

Opening up legal services

Check a solicitor is who they say they are

Checking the Solicitors Register

The Solicitors Register allows you to check:

  • if we regulate a solicitor or law firm
  • contact details for them
  • whether we've closed down a firm
  • if there are any disciplinary decisions against a solicitor.

Just over 1.7 million checks took place this year.

Logo to show we regulate a law firm

Looking at clickable logo

All law firms we regulate must show our clickable logo on their websites. It shows the public that the firm must:

  • follow our rules
  • keep your money safe
  • have professional insurance.

Clearer information on price and services

Law firms must publish prices and more information about some commonly used legal services, such as:

  • buying a house
  • dealing with an estate when someone dies
  • employment issues.

This should help people choose which legal service is best for them.

Encouraging innovation and technology

We are working to encourage innovation in the legal sector. This includes supporting technology that could improve access to legal services for people from all communities.

Helping people through Legal Choices

Legal Choices is a website that helps people who think they might have a legal problem with next steps and getting the support they need. Last year, the website attracted more than a million visits, while people watched Legal Choices videos more than a million times on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere.

How we can help you

Looking at contact us

Talk to us if you think a solicitor has:

The Legal Ombudsman is also available if someone is unhappy about the work their solicitor did for them or their bill.

All figures from 1 November 2019 to 31 October 2020