Apply to register as a foreign lawyer

Step by step guide

Who can apply?

For an application to succeed, four basic requirements must be fulfilled:

  • you must be a foreign lawyer (An RFL is a "foreign lawyer" who is registered with us and therefore appears on our register of RFLs.)
  • the profession of which you are a member must be approved by the SRA as appropriately regulated.
  • your own professional rules must allow practice with solicitors in England and Wales.
  • you must satisfy us as to your character and suitability.
  • You must read the full criteria and guidance to check you are eligible.

Get ready to apply

  • Log in to mySRA to apply. You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one.
  • You will need to upload a certificate of good standing from the association or society you are registered by.

How to apply

You will need to update:

  • your account details, professional and personal
  • your existing jurisdiction
  • the authorised body or firm you will be working for.

How to pay

The fee is £338. Payment is by credit or debit card at the end of the application, initial applications are pro-rated through the first year.

Apply for registration as a Registered Foreign Lawyer

Log in to mySRA to apply, go to start a new application