Tell us you do want to renew your practising certificate or registration

Updated February 2024

Step by step guide

Get ready

  • You must tell us if you don’t want to renew your practising certificate (PC) or registration. We will then revoke your PC or registration on or after 1 November.
  • If you are not sure if you need to renew your PC, please read our guidance first.
  • For solicitors, your name will automatically remain on the roll. You will then have two choices:
    1. If you want to continue being on the roll, you will then need to apply each year and pay a fee when we contact you.
    2. If you do not want to remain on the roll, you can ask to be removed.

How to apply

  • Log into mySRA.
  • Go to My Profile, then click on Practising Status.  
  • Change your practising status to ‘I do not need a practising certificate/registration’.
Notification of non-renewal

Log in to mySRA then go to my profile