How to manage my organisation account

July 2020

Log into mySRA to manage your organisation applications and update your firm's details. Find out how to get a mySRA account.

You'll be able to see all the applications that are available but you'll only be able to edit applications which are relevant to you.

Video guides

Managing my organisation with mySRA

Here you can see what the new mySRA will look like and how you can manage your profile.

Offering bulk renewal and checking your employees' status

Find out how to offer bulk renewal of your employees practising certificates and registrations, and how to check who is opted in to this.

Creating and downloading a practising certificate

Find out how to download your new practising certificates once you have renewed them.

Apply for bulk renewal and pay your periodic fees

Find out more about applying for bulk renewal of your practising certificates, as well as paying your periodic fee.

Step by step guides

In addition our step by step guides can help you to:

How to

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  1. Select the My Organisation tab.
  2. Select Organisation Details
  3. Click edit
    1. To add a trading name, click ‘add’ under trading name

      Insert the trading name and click ‘Add’

      Click Save

    2. To amend a firm name or amend a trading name, click change name

      Insert the new firm name

      Click save

  1. Select the My Organisation tab, then the Employee tab.
  2. Click the add employee button, then search for the employee you wish to add.
  3. You will need to select a start date, location and add a position and a role. Then save.
  1. Select My Organisation tab, then Employees tab.
  2. In the table, go to ‘End employment’ in the Action column
  3. Choose a date and save
  1. Select ‘My Organisation’ tab, then ‘Employees’ tab.
  2. In the table, go to the Action column and select Manage Employee.
  3. To add a role, select a position eg Consultant and choose a role eg Organisation Contact.
  4. Select a start date and click Save.
  1. Select ‘My Organisation’ tab, then Employees tab
  2. In the table, go to the Action column and select Manage Employee.
  3. Click ‘Add position’
  1. Go to ‘My Organisation’ tab, then employees.
  2. In the table, go to the Action column and select Personal Information
  3. Click on the Edit button at the bottom of the page to be able to change the email, address and telephone number.
  1. On the homepage, select My organisation applications and documents
  2. Select Organisation applications and then the Pay your periodic fees and apply for bulk renewal application
  3. Scroll down the page and select Generate Certificate
  4. Tick the certificate(s) you require and select Generate – you can choose from individuals or select all
  5. When you get a notification that they are ready to download
  6. When you log back into mySRA, click on Action and then Organisation actions
  7. Click on the Summary and then select View or download certificates
  8. Scroll down and select download
  9. You will now receive a copy of each practising certificate (in both English and Welsh)
  1. Go to My Organisation tab, then Organisation Relationships tab.
  2. Click the add office button.
  3. You can then add the address, contact number and start date.
  1. Note: You can’t close the branch until you move the employees to another location.
  2. Go to My Organisation tab, then Organisation Relationships tab.
  3. In the Action column of the table click Edit.
  4. You can then close the office and tell us the trading end date.
  1. Go to My Applications and Documents tab.
  2. You can see all the applications and documents you have submitted.