mySRA update

Forms now in mySRA

We have made it easier to make applications to us by moving a number of forms into mySRA that were previously on our website.

Here are the ones that you now find in mySRA. There is also more information available on our website about what you need to know before applying.

Topic Title

Becoming a solicitor  

Apply for screening 

Assessment of your character and suitability 

Apply for admission to the roll

Qualified lawyers

Initial registration as a registered European lawyer 

Apply to register as a foreign lawyer 

Equivalent means 

Applying for assessment of your qualifications against a period of recognised training

Exemption from the Common Professional Examination (CPE) by equivalent means

Exemptions from the Legal Practice Course (LPC) by equivalent means

Starting the Common Professional Examination (CPE) without a degree by equivalent means

Assessment of your experience against modules of the Professional Skills Course (equivalent means)

Practising certificate 

Application for Individual Practising Certificate


Apply for a certificate of attestation (CAT)

Certificate of Good Standing

Apply for certificates of good standing and attestation for people at your organisation

Higher Rights of Audience 

Apply for higher rights of audience

Roll of Solicitors 

Apply to be removed from the roll of solicitors

Apply to be restored to the roll of solicitors


Freelancer notification 

Firm authorisation 

Apply for authorisation of a new firm 

Modify conditions on your firm's authorisation

Apply for a change of legal entity

Apply for anti-money laundering authorisation

Firm changes

Approval of a person as an authorised role holder

Approval of an organisation as an authorised role holder

Notify us of Financial Services Activities

Changes to your anti-money laundering authorisation

Notify us of your firm’s closure or acquisition/merger

Notice of succession

Accountant's report 

Notify us about a qualified accountant's report

Temporary emergency approval 

Application for temporary approval of a COLP or COFA

Application for temporary emergency authorisation for a partnership

Apply for temporary emergency authorisation of a Sole Practice

Authorised training provider 

Apply to be an authorised training provider

Apply to register a period of recognised training

Non-SRA regulated organisation 

Apply for a new non-regulated entity