Apply to modify conditions of authorisation

July 2020

What is this application for?

You need to apply to us if you want to modify or remove the conditions of authorisation that apply to your firm.


Rule 12 of the SRA Authorisation of Firms Rules describes how terms and conditions of authorisation can be modified.

We can extend, revoke or vary any terms or conditions on an authorisation at any time. These changes can be made following an application from you, or they can be made by us without an application.  

We will only approve a request if we are satisfied that the conditions are no longer required, and the risk has been mitigated.

Help with your application

Contact us if you have any queries before you apply.

You need to email and tell us:

  • your firm name and SRA number
  • what changes you want to your terms and/or conditions
  • why you want these changes
  • what you want the end result to be
  • any evidence in support of making the change.

There is no fee for this application.

We will let you know if your application is incomplete or ineligible.

We aim to decide on your application within 90 days.

The conditions of authorisation remain in place unless we decide to grant your application.

Do not make any changes unless you receive permission from us to do so.