Existing firm applications

Updated 9 January 2017

Notify us of notice of succession

You must tell us within 28 days of the change taking place if your authorised body has:

  • succeeded to the whole or a part of one or more authorised bodies
  • split or ceded part of the practice to an authorised body and wishes this change to be considered by us in determining the periodical fees.

First, see Rule 8.3 SRA Authorisation Rules 2011 to check eligibility.

Information you need

You will need to:

  • identify all authorised bodies affected by the succession
  • send us details of any resulting apportionment of the turnover figures for those authorised bodies
  • send us confirmation that all affected authorised bodies agree to the contents of the notice of succession.

Help with your notification

If you need help with a notification, contact us.

How to tell us

You need to complete the notice of succession notification form.

You must tell us within 28 days of the event taking place. You can send the form to us no more than 30 days before your intended event.

Notification form

The notification form(s) are editable PDF documents. You need to fill in the form(s) electronically. You should save each form before you start to complete it.

For help downloading or using the form(s) , see "How to use the form" in our Firm authorisation guidance.


Send your notification to the email address on the form. You must send the notification within 28 days of the event.


We may charge a fee of £250 if the affected firms cannot agree on the apportionment of turnover.

What you can expect from us

If the affected parties have not been able to agree a notice of succession, we will treat the notice of succession as an application, by the firm that sends us the notice, to apportion the turnover figures of all parties for the purposes of determining the periodical fee Rule 8.3(k) of the SRA Authorisation Rules 2011.

We will contact any affected authorised body identified in the notice of succession who has not agreed the details. We will require more information.


We aim to process your notification within 30 days.