Temporary emergency authorisation

Apply for temporary emergency approval/authorisation

Updated 17 August 2016

Who is this application for?


You must apply for temporary emergency authorisation of a new partnership when an authorised body, which is a partnership, splits. You must notify us within seven days.

You must apply for temporary emergency authorisation of a recognised sole practice where a sole practitioner of an existing recognised sole practice has died. This application can only be made by a solicitor or Registered European Lawyer (REL) who is:

  • the sole practitioner’s executor;
  • a practice manager appointed by the sole practitioner’s personal representatives; or
  • an employee of the existing recognised sole practice FA7


You need to tell us immediately (within seven calendar days) if your authorised body:

  • unexpectedly ceases to have a COLP or COFA
  • if the existing COLP or COFA is unable to fulfil the role.

When we say 'unexpectedly' we mean a unforeseen event. For example sudden and unexpected sick leave, or dismissal of an employee.

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