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Closing down your practice - Guidance

To enable those who are closing down their practice to protect the interests of their clients and comply with our Standards and Regulations.

Administering oaths or statutory declarations outside your normal practice - Guidance

Concerns have been raised about the restrictions that are placed on solicitors and registered European lawyers (RELs) who normally practise through an SRA authorised body, an authorised non-SRA firm (together described below as an authorised firm) or any other business and want to be able to administer oaths or statutory declarations outside their normal practice.

Sole practitioners and small firms regulatory starter pack - Guidance

This starter pack provides help and support to practitioners looking to establish their own business.

Making decisions to investigate concerns - Guidance

To help those we regulate understand how we assess reports and complaints made about them.

How we regulate non-authorised persons - Guidance

How we will regulate you if you are not authorised by us directly but where you are involved in a firm we regulate or work for, or are supervised, by a solicitor.

Solicitors and Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLPs) confirming qualifying work experience - Guidance

Understand your obligations around confirming qualifying work experience (QWE) and how to comply with them. We may have regard to it when exercising our regulatory functions.

Meeting our standards for good qualifying work experience - Guidance

Understand how your firm can meet our expected standard when offering qualifying work experience (QWE).

Transparency in price and service - Guidance

To help you understand your obligations under our Transparency Rules.

How we deal with money when we intervene (Statutory Trusts) - Guidance

To help you understand how we deal with money when we intervene into a firm.

European Lawyers practising in the UK - Guidance

How to practise in the UK as a European lawyer.

Registered Foreign Lawyers - Guidance

To enable foreign lawyers to understand when they need to become an RFL, who can become one and the obligations they have.

Approval of role holders - Guidance

How we approve persons to be managers, owners or compliance officers of firms we regulate.

Does your interest in a licensed body require approval? - Guidance

An overview of our approach in determining whether a particular role or interest a person has in licensed body requires approval.

Multi-disciplinary practices: Regulation of non-reserved legal activity - Guidance

To help you understand how we will regulate reserved and non- reserved legal activity in an MDP.

UK's Exit from EU – the end of the implementation period and beyond - Guidance

Following the UK's exit from the EU on 31 January 2020, this guidance is intended to explain our current understanding of the position of European lawyers

Use of non disclosure agreements (NDAs) - Warning notice

This reminds those we regulate of some of the key risks and issues when advising on the use of NDAs.

SRA consumer credit - Guidance

To help SRA authorised firms involved in credit related regulated activities understand the application of Part 20 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

Granting authority to withdraw residual client balances - Guidance

To help you understand how we make decisions to grant authorisation to a firm to withdraw residual client balances over £500.

Taking money for your firm's costs - Guidance

For all SRA-authorised firms and individuals that receive money and assets from clients and third parties and use that money to pay fees and disbursements.

Planning for and completing an accountant's report - Guidance

Advice to help reporting accountants and a firm’s senior managers/ COFA prepare for and complete an accountant’s report and statutory reporting obligations to us.