The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook


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Version 10 of the Handbook was published on 01/07/2014. For more information, please click 'History' Above

Part 5: Records

Regulation 10: Obligation to keep a CPD training record


You must keep a record of all CPD undertaken to comply with these regulations.


For any courses attended, you must enter the number of hours' credit allocated and the authorised CPD course providers reference, together with the date and course title, into your CPD training record.


We may request to see a copy of your CPD training record at any time, and if we do so you must produce your record upon demand.


You should keep your CPD training record on file for a period of at least six years.


You should enter the start and finish dates of any period of suspension, and the reasons for suspending, in your CPD training record.

Guidance note:


Details of other activities and the number of hours undertaken should be entered on your CPD training record. It is advisable to enter all development activities even if you are unsure whether they can be claimed for CPD credit.