The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

The register of foreign lawyers

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Regulation 13: The register of foreign lawyers


The SRA must keep a register of foreign lawyers, which may be kept in electronic form.


The register must contain, in respect of each RFL, the following information:


full name;


date of birth;


registration number;


in relation to each legal profession of which the lawyer is a member:


the professional title;


the professional body; and


whether the lawyer is entitled to practise as a member of that profession;


the date of initial registration;


the commencement and renewal dates for the current period of registration;


the registered name and place or places of business of:


any recognised body, or authorised non-SRA firm which is not licensed under Part 5 of the LSA, of which the lawyer is a manager or interest holder;


any licensed body of which the lawyer is a manager or owner; or


any authorised non-SRA firm licensed under Part 5 of the LSA of which the lawyer is a manager or a material interest holder;


the registered name of any recognised sole practice, recognised body, licensed body or authorised non-SRA firm who or which is the lawyer's employer, and the address of the lawyer's place of employment;


any condition to which the lawyer's registration is subject;


a note about any suspension of the lawyer's registration, or the termination of such suspension;


a note of any order of the Tribunal in respect of the lawyer; and


any other reasonable information, necessary for carrying out the SRA's statutory objectives, from time to time prescribed by the SRA.


Public information


Entries in the register under 13.2(a) and (c) to (l) must be available for inspection by any member of the public, except that the SRA may in exceptional circumstances and if it considers that to do so would be in the public interest, withhold:


the address of any or all an RFL's places of business; or


all information about a condition to which an RFL's registration is subject or details of the condition.


The date on which an RFL's registration expired or was revoked must be made available to a member of the public on request.


An RFL whose name has changed may apply to the SRA to change his or her name on the register.