The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

Applications, reviews and transitional arrangements

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Part 5: Applications, reviews and waiver

Regulation 10: Applications and reviews


You shall make an application under these regulations in the manner prescribed by us and accompanied by the appropriate fee fixed from time to time.


You shall not apply for a higher courts advocacy qualification until one of the requirements of regulation 4 has been met.


When applying for a higher courts advocacy qualification, you may within 28 days of receiving notification of our decision ask for the decision to be reviewed.


You may not apply to us for a review of a decision by an assessment provider where you have failed an assessment.

Guidance note


An application for higher rights of audience should be made via our website -

Regulation 11: Waiver


We have the power to waive in writing any of the provisions of these regulations and to place conditions on and to revoke such waiver.