The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook


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Regulation 17: Reconsideration


The SRA may reconsider or rescind a decision made under these regulations when it appears that the decision maker:


was not provided with material evidence that was available to the SRA;


was materially misled;


failed to take proper account of material facts or evidence;


took into account immaterial facts or evidence;


made a material error of law;


made a decision which was otherwise irrational or procedurally unfair;


made a decision which was otherwise ultra vires; or


failed to give sufficient reasons.


A decision may be reconsidered under 17.1 only on the initiative of the SRA.


The SRA may also give directions:


for further investigations to be undertaken;


for further information or explanation to be obtained; and


for the reconsideration to be undertaken by the original decision maker or by a different decision maker or panel.