The SRA Handbook is no longer in effect. It was replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations on 25 November 2019.

SRA Handbook

QLTS assessments

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Regulation 3: QLTS assessments


We shall:


publish guidelines and outcomes in relation to the QLTS assessment,


validate and authorise the provision of the QLTS assessments by the assessment organisation, and


monitor the provision of the QLTS assessments by the assessment organisation.


Subject to regulation 3.4 below, international lawyers must pass all the QLTS assessments.


If you are a lawyer applying for admission pursuant to European Communities Directive 2005/36/EC or any legislation implementing the Directive in the UK, or any UK qualified lawyer, you may be required to pass one or more QLTS assessments, as we shall determine.


Any applicant who has passed the LPC is eligible to apply for an exemption from Part 1 of the QLTS assessments.