Additional exemptions

During the coronavirus outbreak, we encourage you to send your QLTS application to us by email rather than in the post. This will allow us to consider your application during this time.

If you have supporting documentation to send us that is too big for email, we can provide you with a secure link for this to be uploaded.

Please email your form and any relevant documentation, or a request for a secure link, to

To pay, please complete the relevant sections of the methods of payment form and send it with your completed application once you have instructed your bank to send payment direct.

If you have any questions, please contact us by emailing

Exemptions for EU, EAA, Swiss and UK lawyers

You can apply for exemptions from the QLTS assessments if you are:

  • A fully qualified Lawyer of European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland (Swiss) national, or
  • An Irish or UK lawyer

The assessments test your knowledge of the Day One Outcomes. To meet the Outcomes, you must demonstrate that you have relevant knowledge in the Law and practice of England and Wales.

Is there a fee?

This application costs £400. See our ways to pay.

Do I need to complete any forms?

You must download and complete this application form.

Assessment tables

You need to complete the relevant assessment table below based on your jurisdiction. Cross reference your evidence against the outcomes you wish to claim exemption from.

You need to send us evidence to support your claim for exemption. This could include references from your supervisors, qualifications and documentary evidence. All supporting evidence must be redacted where appropriate.

What evidence do I need to send?

Supporting evidence

While everyone’s experience is unique, you must include the following evidence within your application:

  • detailed references/testimonials from your supervisors to corroborate your claim to experience
  • samples of your work
  • proof of your EU/EEA/Swiss nationality and
  • a Certificate of Good Standing from your home Bar dated within the last 3 months. This must confirm that you are qualified in a recognised jurisdiction within the EU, EEA or Switzerland.

This evidence must support the Day One Outcomes that you are claiming exemption from.

You must demonstrate experience in English and Welsh law only.

You must redact all samples of your work to remove sensitive or identifying information. We will not accept any documents you send that have not been redacted.

You may also wish to include the following documents:

    • Job descriptions

Offering an overview of your role and responsibilities.

    • Courses and training

Include certificates of attendance and course syllabuses as evidence of courses attended and relevant training completed. All certificates must be certified copies. You must provide an official translation into English if your documents are in another language.

Guidance for referees

You must make sure that your referee(s) have read this information.

References must:

  • be provided for each period of experience claimed
  • be written for the purposes of this application and be dated within the last 3 months
  • be submitted on letterheaded paper.

Referees must:

  • have supervised you directly as a general employment reference is not sufficient
  • read your application and review all supporting evidence before corroborating your experience and confirm that they have done so in their reference.
  • familiarise themselves with the Day One Outcomes and refer directly to these when providing their reference(s).
  • include examples from their direct observation of your work.