Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme Q&A

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Here is a list of recognised jurisdictions,

If your jurisdiction is not on this list, please contact QLTS Team.

No. You do not need a practising certificate to sit the QLTS assessments.

The scheme uses the Multiple Choice Test (MCT) and the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) to assess people.

The assessments test knowledge of the Day One Outcomes. To meet the Outcomes, you must demonstrate that you have relevant knowledge in the Law and practice of England and Wales.

You can book QLTS assessments on the Kaplan website.

The following providers, listed in alphabetical order, have told us they offer QLTS training. Please note we do not endorse, regulate or quality assure the training they provide. We are not responsible for the content of external websites.



Law Training Centre Kent (LTC)


QLTS Advantage

QLTS Private Tutor

QLTS School

UK law School

You can apply for exemptions from the QLTS assessments if you are:

  • LPC Graduate in English and Welsh Law
  • Solicitor/Advocate of Scotland
  • Qualified Barrister of England and Wales
  • Solicitor or Barrister of Northern Ireland
  • Solicitor of Republic of Ireland
  • EU, EEA, Swiss Qualified Lawyer.

More on how to apply for additional exemptions

All applicants must meet our character and suitability requirements. This will be assessed when you apply for admission.

If you do not have any character and suitability issues, you can go straight to Kaplan to book your assessments.

If you are aware of anything which may prevent you from meeting our character and suitability requirements, you can apply for an early check. It may take us up to 6 months to assess your application.