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Price transparency Q&A

Read our Q&A on price transparency

Customer reviews and comparison websites

How to most effectively engage with online reviews

Comparison websites: How to use them effectively

Comparison websites are an important feature of the legal services market. They include websites and apps that aim to match consumers with legal issues to lawyers and law firms.

Online reviews: How to engage with them

How to most effectively engage with online reviews.

Digital comparison tools: Voluntary code of conduct

Voluntary code of conduct for digital comparison tools operating in the legal services market

Clickable logo Q&A

Here you will find full instructions on how get and use the logo, as well as technical frequently asked questions and details of how to contact Yoshki directly for further support.

Price transparency

Understand your obligations under our Transparency Rules.

Clickable logo

The SRA clickable logo (known as the digital badge in our rules) is available for you to use on your website.