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Solving legal issues through technology

The latest funding grant from the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund (RPF) will explore how online dispute resolution can help tackle the unmet legal need of individuals, consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Latest news and lawtech updates from the SRA Innovate team

All the latest news and lawtech developments from the SRA Innovate team.

SRA Innovate Trials with providers of legal technology

A trial is a “road test” of new and emerging technology in a controlled safe space.

Our latest lawtech projects

Innovation in technology is highly collaborative and here you can learn all about our latest lawtech projects.

Lawtech providers Q&A

The SRA welcomes queries from startups or lawtech providers needing support and guidance through our regulations. The following are examples of queries we have received, including those from the LawTechUK sandbox programme supported by the SRA.

Compliance tips for solicitors regarding the use of AI and technology

Read our compliance tips on using AI and technology.

Tips when looking to secure funding for your lawtech start-up or expansion

Read our top ten tips when looking to secure investment

Information about lawtech for law firms

Understand technology and innovation and navigate the benefits and risks.

Information for lawtech providers

Things to be aware of when working with solicitors

Why technology and innovation matter

Technology and innovation are already changing the legal services sector. The Covid-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on innovative technology-driven legal solutions.