Our work on diversity

Our strategic approach to equality, diversity and inclusion

In line with our values we treat each other and the people we come across in our work fairly and with respect. We have policies and procedures in place to help us create an organisation that promotes equality, diversity and inclusion for everyone including those who share protected characteristics. We expect and encourage organisations we work with and those that work on our behalf to promote and practice our approach and policies on equality, diversity and inclusion.

We continue to take reasonable and practical steps to make sure that our staff and those we regulate are not unlawfully discriminated against because they are, or perceived to be associated to, any of the following protected characteristics as outlined by the Equality Act 2010.

Corporate Strategies

Annual progress reports

The diversity profile of individuals in our enforcement processes

In our annual Upholding Professional Standards report for 2019/20, we have included a summary of the diversity profile of individuals in our enforcement processes. Full details of our findings are set out in the supplementary report and we will be publishing annual reports of this nature in future.

The report shows overrepresentation of men and solicitors from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds in concerns raised with us and reflects patterns we have seen for some time.

We have commissioned several external reviews to look at these issues, building on work that The Law Society undertook in 2006 before the SRA was established. We published our commitments following the most recent review by Professor Gus John, the Independent Comparative Case Review (ICCR), and have recently reviewed the work we have been doing to meet those commitments. You can read more about the work we have been doing and our forward plans.

External reports into the diversity profile of individuals in our enforcement process

We commissioned a series of reports to look at why there is over representation of certain groups in our investigation and disciplinary work. The recommendations from the most recent report by Professor Gus John influenced our EDI strategy 2014 to 2017.