As well as competitive salaries, we offer our employees an extensive range of benefits which include:

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Annual leave

25 days, rising to 27 days after 2 years and 30 days after 5 years

Marital/civil partnership leave

Staff with six months service or more are eligible for an additional five days' paid leave (pro rata for part-time staff) on the occasion of marriage or civil partnership. Leave must be taken within four weeks of the date of the marriage or civil partnership.

Maternity leave and Pay

All pregnant members of staff are eligible to 52 weeks of maternity leave; divided into 26 weeks ordinary maternity leave (OML) and 26 weeks additional maternity leave (AML) – regardless of length of service.

Staff who have 26 weeks continuous service at the beginning of the 14th week before the expected week of childbirth (EWC) will receive statutory maternity pay (SMP) - payable for the first 39 weeks of maternity leave and subject to further eligibility conditions.

In addition to SMP, we offer 26 weeks enhanced maternity pay (EMP). EMP is 26 weeks full pay (inclusive of SMP), followed by 13 weeks SMP. Eligibility for EMP is subject to several requirements including - but not limited to - 12 months continuous service at the beginning of the 11th week before the EWC.

Adoption Leave and Pay

Adoption leave and pay will be available to staff who adopt or are one member of a couple who jointly adopt – including same-sex relationships.

In addition to statutory adoption pay (SAP), we offer 26 weeks enhanced adoption pay (EAP). EAP is 26 weeks full pay (inclusive of SAP), followed by 13 weeks SAP. Eligibility for EAP is subject to several requirements including – but not limited to – 12 months continuous service at the beginning of the week in which they have been notified of being matched with a child for adoption or, in surrogacy situations by the end of the 15th week before the EWC.

Paternity Leave and Pay

All eligible staff, regardless of their gender, can take up to two consecutive weeks paid leave after the birth, matching or placement of a child for adoption. In addition to statutory paternity pay (SPP), we offer two weeks enhanced paternity pay (EPP) at two weeks full pay (inclusive of SPP). Eligibility for EPP is subject to several requirements including – but not limited to – 26 weeks continuous service by the 15th week before the EWC, or the week in which you are notified of being matched with a child.

Shared Parental Leave and Pay

The SRA offers shared parental leave (SPL) and statutory shared parental pay (ShPP) in accordance with the statutory regime, subject to qualifying conditions dependant on whether you are the expectant member of staff or primary adopter or, the second parent.

The SRA offers ordinary parental leave (OPL) of typically no more than four weeks in any 12-month period. OPL is unpaid leave and staff can request up to 18 weeks OPL per child provided they meet the eligibility conditions, including – but not limited to – 12 months continuous service.

Flexible Working

Staff are able to submit a flexible working request for a permanent change to their pattern of work. The SRA takes any requests for flexible working seriously and recognises the importance for staff achieving a balance between work and personal life and will support staff in this regard, wherever practicable. However, this does not give an automatic right to a contract variation. Reasonable adjustments will be made for employees with a disability where appropriate.

Childcare allowance

Health screening

Private medical insurance

Health Club membership

We offer subsidised health club membership, at no cost other than tax implication.

Life assurance

Season ticket loan

Professional development assistance - including up to 5 days' study leave per year

We will contribute 1½ - 2 times your contribution, up to 12.25%; employees contributing 7% will enjoy the maximum combined contribution of 19.25%.

We offer an additional 3% of annual basic salary* for you to choose the benefits that best suit your lifestyle and personal situation.

Our scheme allows you to enjoy special rates and savings on a range of benefits. Should you not use all your fund for benefits, you can receive it with your pay each month.

Our Your Flex benefits scheme includes:

  • Buying/selling annual leave
  • Dental insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Travel insurance

*For all employees except the most senior positions.

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