Government sanctions regime - how all firms can stay compliant

3 May 2023

The Government’s financial sanctions regime, imposed to achieve specific foreign policy or national security objectives, is continually changing. Law firms have to a key role to play. The sanctions regime applies to all firms that provide legal services, not just those that are captured by the anti-money laundering regulations.

We have already published guidance for firms to make sure you understand your obligations.

This free webinar provides a practical introduction to the fast-changing sanctions regime, including how to comply and what to do if you find yourself in breach.

Join us to get the facts on:

  • an overview of the sanctions regime
  • how sanctions might affect your practice
  • what to look out for
  • where to find guidance
  • how to check for sanctioned status
  • enforcement, reporting and mitigation.

Download slides as PPT (PPTX 11 pages, 218KB)

Download slides as PDF (PPTX 11 pages, 172KB)


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